Instructors and Administration - Great Valley, PA

Great Valley, PA

School Administration

Sandy Kaufman

Felicia Bryan Alexandra Greene    

Private Lesson Instructors

Regina Armao (Piano) Andrew Brown (Drums) Paul DeLuca (Drums)
Regina Armao
Piano Instructor
Andrew Brown
Drum Instructor
Don Chittick
Guitar, Ensemble, and  Pre-K Music Instructor
Paul DeLuca
Drum Instructor
Dan Kauffman Tyler Pursel Andy Malanowicz
Alexandra Greene
Theater Instructor
Dan Kauffman
Guitar, Ensemble Instructor
Tyler Pursel
Guitar & Bass Instructor
Andy Malanowicz
Piano Instructor
Alexandra Paduraru Hannah Schmidtke Christina Zampelli
Eric Reavey
Pre-K Music Instructor
Alexandra Paduraru
Violin & Viola Instructor
Hannah Schmidtke
Voice & Piano Instructor
Christina Zampelli
Voice Instructor