Rock Programs - Rock Performance Classes

Rock Performance Classes

Class Description and Performances

Rock Performance is a challenging, skill-building, and social experience.  Classes meet weekly for 8 weeks, then perform in two concerts - MTC Ensemble Night and World Café Live. 

Students are placed into bands by their teachers at MTC based on age, skill level, and musical interests.  Students not taking lessons at MTC must schedule an audition or obtain the recommendation of a prior MTC instructor.

The band performs in TWO concerts:  MTC's Ensemble Night and at Philadelphia's premier venue World Cafe Live.  The band performs up to three songs at Ensemble Night and one selected song at the World Café Live school-wide concert.

Admission Requirements

Students must be enrolled in private lessons at Music Training Center during the first 6 weeks of the season to ensure that the student learns all of their song performance assignments.  Lessons are discounted to $20 per lesson for students who were not attending private lessons at MTC prior to the class enrollment date.   The first 6 week's lessons must be scheduled and paid for at the time of registration for the rock class.   

Students must practice at home, arrive prepared for each rehearsal, keep their instruments tuned and in well-maintained condition, and exhibit mature and respectful behavior at all times.


Each class is limited to a maximum of 3 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 keyboardist, 1 lead singer, and 1 drummer.   Any band member may sing backup vocals on songs that have multiple vocal parts.

Hearing Protection Policy

Students are required to own a pair of Hearos High Fidelity earplugs and wear them at every rehearsal (available at MTC's front desk for $14.95).  If the student arrives without earplugs they will be required to purchase a replacement set of earplugs in order to participate in the rehearsal. 

Attendance and Behavior

On-time attendance is required at all rehearsals and performances.  Students who repeatedly miss rehearsals, arrive late, do not practice, engage in unacceptable behavior towards staff, students, or guests of Music Training Center may be dismissed from the class without refund.

Lyric Policy

MTC's Lyric policy prohibits songs that contain explicit reference to violence, hate, discrimination, sexual topics, drugs, and other topics that in MTC's sole discretion are inappropriate for students.  

Schedules, Tuition, and Registration

Before enrolling please read all information above.
Schedules, tuition, and registration