Private Lesson Tuition

2013-2014 Private Lesson Tuition


Private Piano, Voice, Guitar, Drums, Violin, and Theatre Acting lessons are charged as a weekly tuition plus a monthly fee of $4 covering materials and performances.  There are no registration fees.  Your enrollment commitment is a month at a time (single lessons are also available) and you may start or stop lessons at any time with 7 days notice.

Why does MTC include a monthly performances fee?  Unlike many music schools, MTC allocates a substantial portion of our space to in-school theaters where we offer year-round performance opportunities to our students including two formal recitals as well as informal performance opportunities each year. The $4 monthly fee covers the annual cost of the theater space and staff who facilitate our year-round performances, along with assignment notebooks and manuscript paper provided to students.  Visit our Facebook and YouTube pages to see our students engaged in performances throughout the year.

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