Guitar Ensemble - Policies and Enrollment

Guitar Ensemble - Policies and Enrollment
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Class Description and Prerequisites

Guitar Ensemble (ages 9-17) offers advancing guitar students the opportunity to learn and perform exciting adaptations of popular and classical guitar music in a group setting.  Guitar Ensemble selections may include Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical, Romantic, and movie soundtracks.

Prerequisite:  Completion of the MTC guitar curriculum Level 3 is recommended.  Students should be able to:

  • Identify and play on the fretboard: Notes on the treble clef ranging from low E (6th string open / 3 ledger lines below the treble clef) to high E (1st string 12th fret / 3 ledger lines above of the treble clef.)
  • Identify and play common key signatures
  • Play whole, half, quarter and eighth note rhythms
  • Play in meters: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, and 12/8
  • Play two octave major and two octave minor scales, ascending and descending, using alternate picking
  • Identify sharp, flat and natural symbols.
  • Play music with dots, ties, and rests.


  • Students are expected to practice inbetween classes.
  • If a student arrives unprepared for a class, the student's participation in the class may be limited.

Classroom Behavior and Attendance

Students are expected to arrive on time, listen attentively, follow directions, conduct themselves with maturity, and not be disruptive.

  • Lateness or absence is detrimental to all other students, and is excused only if valid reasons are provided to the director (illness, family emergency).
  • Absences known in advance must be communicated in advance to the school. Disruptive or inattentive behavior in class will be given one verbal warning. If repeated, the child will be seated to observe the remainder of that day's class.
  • If a student is inattentive, unprepared, or disruptive during a rehearsal, the instructor will ask the student to observe the class rather than participating.  Repeated lateness, absence, or unacceptable behavior may result in a student being dismissed from the class without refund.

Schedules and Enrollment

Before enrolling please read all information above.

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