Compensation and Benefits

All positions at MTC are W2 Payroll employment with benefits

Our compensation includes

  • W2 payroll employment provides a lower tax rate than 1099 contractor employment, simplifies your tax filings, makes it easier to obtain a home mortgage, and provides for regular contribution to your social security account. 
  • Direct deposit payroll, paid twice each month
  • Competitive base hourly wage
  • Merit-based performance bonuses
  • Retirement (IRA) bonus: On top of your base wage and performance bonuses, MTC adds an extra 10% bonus that we pay into your personal IRA retirement account each month.
  • Dental insurance plans are available fully subsidized by MTC (available to employees scheduled for at least 12 hours of work per week).
  • Life insurance and Critical Illness policy are available fully subsidized by MTC (available to teachers scheduled for at least 30 hours of work per week).